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Class 5 - Salads
This class consists of more then 30 videos.  This is one of the largest classes in this course for very good reasons.  This class has classics like caesar, spinach salad with sweet & sour warm bacon and onion dressing, caprese and nicoise salads.  I also include a variety of special salad preparations that require the use of specially prepared components that give you the ability to make a variety of different versions of your own salads.


This class targets your creativity and offers inspiration and guidance to the viewer to insure that your “salad making skills” are increased and improved upon.  Some of the modern salads that are presented here include goat cheese salad, duck confit salad, salmon & asparagus salad, artichoke crab salad and seared tuna salad.  Basics like chicken, tuna, watermelon and pasta salads also support many traditional requirements that we cooks often find so satisfying among those for whom we cook. 


Invaluable skills that are taught in this class include preparing duck confit, curing and serving your own salmon gravlax, how to render, grill & slice a duck breast, peeling and blanching asparagus, fire roasting red peppers and marinating cheese.  Traditional  dressings like thousand island, ranch, blue cheese and vinaigrettes along with good crouton techniques helps to support your traditional requirements for many salads as well.


In a nutshell, this class is an unusual value of quality, tradition and modern salad cookery and should be viewed as both a staple of preparations as well as a fresh perspective and approach to making salads.