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Class 3 - Vegetables 
 This Vegetable class has 23 videos and recipes that give the student of cooking a wide and practical knowledge of the basics for successfully handling a variety of vegetables.  Without a doubt, vegetables are the leading food group as far as their inclusion within cooking formulas throughout the world.  After you have studied these lessons your understanding of good vegetable handling practices will certainly show up in almost all of your cooking preparations. 

I have chosen many of the preparations for this class based on my experience of people’s lack of knowledge of certain types of vegetables.  Good examples are artichokes, fennel, asparagus, celery root, acorn and spaghetti squashes as well as cabbages, green beans and vegetable purees.  Special attention has been put on the texture, color, seasonings and flavor enhancements associated with the different vegetables highlighted within these lessons.  This class is obviously a vegetarians dream class as well as a necessary component to any good cook’s repertoire.