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Class 1 - Stocks & Sauces 

Any serious pursuit of good cooking must begin with Stocks & Sauces.  In this class I will teach the basic primary principals, methods and techniques of both traditional unchallenged stock & sauce preparations as well as many of the modern progressive approaches to this extremely far reaching category of cooking and learning.  This class includes 29 stock & sauce videos with recipes and extensive prerequisite reading as well.  Additionally this class includes 16 skills videos that are relevant to this particular class.  


All classes within this course include individual skills videos that support the lessons within that class. I have also included a thickening agents and liaisons video along with detailed written text on that subject.  Upon completion of your practice of this class you will come to understand the full range of this very important part of the cooking world as well as a recipe foundation for hundreds of good sauces for multiple applications.