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  CookMobile for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Available now on the iTunes App Store!


CookMobile is a cooking school you can take with you, where ever you go! 

The cooking course contains written course background material to provide a comprehensive start to your cooking education or a useful  supplement to your existing awareness. 

Additionally there are videos providing detailed instructions on the basics of food preparation, such as, how do you chop and clean parsley or make clarified butter. 

Need information on what proper knife to use for a specific food item or what pot or mold to use in a specific case, the video instructions are all here.

CookMobile organizes what you need to know, from beginning to end, in one compact, portable, and easy to use experience.  Give it a try, there is no cost for the download.


So, you think you know how to chop parsley?  Well maybe there's more to learn.  

Here are quotes from recent students after watching the parsley video...

 "Who would think this deserved its own video but--nice job!"

"Excellent technique vid.  More!"

You might be an old hand at cooking or a newbie just starting out.  There are skill tips here for all, whatever your skill level.
    Building upon the basic course skills and knowledge (all available in the free download) are individual classes on each on the primary areas of food preparation.  Each class, such as Stocks & Sauces, Soups and Preparation of Vegetables, provides in-depth written material, recipes and instructional videos. 

Each class in the free download includes extensive background reading materials and a sample lesson.  Purchase of each full class is handled through in-app purchase for $0.99 per class and typically includes 15-20 individual cooking lessons.  What an incredible bargain!  A typical on-site cooking education could cost up to $30,000, here you can obtain the entire course for less than the cost of one nice meal!!!
    Each class in the free download includes an exam so you can test your own cooking knowledge. Scroll through the instructions before you start to learn the simple basics of taking the test. 

The exam ranks you based on your test results.  Are you a "Master Chef" or "Chief Bottle Washer", try and find out!

Have fun with this feature and watch your results improve as you move through the entire course or choose to focus on particular areas.
    You can keep track of all of your favorite lessons, recipes and videos and jump to them quickly with the Favorites feature. 

With a simple touch of your finger, it's easy to add and remove favorites, as your tastes and interests change.